Let’s design a sharding scheme for key-value storage.

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Design: How To Partition Data At Scale

Question1: Clarity the requirements from your experience/viewpoints.

You can discuss with the interviewer to sort out all vague parts. Or make reasonable assumptions by your own.


  • How much data it should support?
A key question for the whole discussion.
  • What the read/write OPS would be?
Better understand the characteristic of service
Thus we can have better estimation for RAM/CPU/Disk usage
  • Do we need to keep very old data?
Data retention. If yes, we usually can have some assumption for the maximum size of the whole data.
  • How large the hot data would be?
Resource planning for RAM

Question2: What typical ways of partitioning data?


  • Consistent hash
  • In RDMBS, B-tree/segment tree

Question3: Propose your architecture diagram.

Question4: Suppose one node is down, how the partition would keep working?

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