General Principles In Cloud Computing

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  • Small And Focused Components Win

    We need to have small, focused pieces of components/teams. Work with small batches, change faster, lower complexity

    e.g, single purpose containers are better than monolithic containers. Microservices wins over monolithic systems.

  • Make Errors Apparent

    e.g, For breaking API changes, how we can detect them automatically and quickly?

  • Replace Documents By Code

    e.g, No one enjoy reading lengthy documents. Even if they do, the rules/guidelines will be violated somehow. Enforce the logic by code.

  • Avoid Routine Manual Tasks

    e.g, Need to repetitively do something with no need of thinking? Take some time and automate them.

  • Store No Secrets

    The best way to keep a secret is don’t know the secret.

    e.g, Store secrets in db. Data on rest and data in transit

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