For senior hiring, both code test and system design are required.

(PS: How to prepare code test: here)

Now let’s think how to prepare for system design interviews!

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What For?

  1. Examine relevancy: Does the candidate have relevant working experience? Especially for critical problems in my projects.
  2. Examine potential: How deep the candidate understand about the concepts in our domains, and also the painpoints.
  3. Examine skills: Is he/she able to bring up a qualified architecture design with given constraints by discussing together.

It’s hard to fake it, if you don’t have enough hands-on experience.

Not For!

  • It’s not about the final architecture design. It’s about your thinking process. It’s about your assumptions and judgments.
Your thinking process indicates:
1. Working with unknown: How you can breakdown/convert complex problems into small/easy ones
2. Relevancy in the domain: How deep your experience
3. Your communication skills. How good you can convince others

Your assumptions and judgments indicate:
1. how you would do better trade-off which fits into the project
2. How you can simplify the problems.
  • It’s not about accuracy, but about relevancy. You can make any assumptions. But then try to make reasonable estimations afterwards.
  • No one expect you to be a super man/woman. But remember to show your expertises and strengths. And how they can benefit the team.
  • Everything is a trade-off. After getting familiar with best practices, most likely you will see no silver bullets when you design solutions.
  • Avoid feeling frustrated, if your interview doesn’t go well. Even for the same question, different interviewers can make the interview totally different. Take it easy.

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  • System Design Interview – An insider’s guide Kindle Edition

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